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Cost of Study Abroad
Education Abroad


How much does it cost?

Overseas education is expensive but gives you value for your money by opening global career opportunities for you. Your major expenses would be incurred in the tuition fees and living expenses which varies upon the course and country that you choose. The other major expenses would be on travel, visa and shopping.

Are there any scholarships available?

There are very limited no. of scholarships available for the international students and the competition for the scholarship is very intense.

What are the sources of Financial Aid open to international students at the Undergraduate level?

Most of the financial aid programs at the undergraduate level are generally funded by the Federal Government. Some of the universities (state as well as private) provide funds to the international students depending upon various factors such as the academic achievements, scores received in TOEFL and SAT, etc. Competition for these scholarships (which are limited in number) is very keen.


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