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Education Abroad

GEMS primary goal is to ensure that students who are planning to study abroad are given a real time professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures with a spirit of total commitment. The core strength of us lies in its far-sighted approach and true professionalism.

Our Premium Services are:

Online Test Preparation : GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS

Best course selection

Best university and college selection

Visa process assistance

Discounted air tickets from major airlines

International travel assistance

Permanenet Residency Counseling

Assisting in procuring accommodation near college or university and other basic needs

Our comprehensive Services includes
Information about Australia,UK Canada and New Zealand
Appointments with panel of doctors for medical examination
Counseling the students
Discounted Air ticket from Major airliner
To provide authentic information to students
Assistance for Foreign Exchange and Insurance
Updated information on courses and Universities
On arrival services in Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and USA etc.
Assistance in application procedures
Temporary/permanent accommodation arrangement inAustralia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and USA etc on students request
Guidance about VISA processing
Guidelines and information's regarding part-time work, life style, etc
Regular follow-up with High Commission
The total solution provider for International students and their families after their departure

GEMS provides counseling and reliable guidance to students who intend to pursue their education at universities and colleges abroad; especially in the Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and USA etc. We offer services for student applications to universities and colleges throughout the world.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an effective bridge between the universities abroad and students to provide genuine information and counseling on the higher education opportunities abroad.


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