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New Zealand universities offer an outstanding study abroad experience. The flexibility of the New Zealand university system gives you a great selection of courses and subjects, as well as the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into the Kiwi culture. Consider taking at least one Maori studies course to learn about the diversity of New Zealand’s history and population.

Every international student who wants to study abroad in New Zealand is granted a student visa. These courses must be listed for Overseas Students. Whether you want to study English abroad or take a Master Degree, you will certainly gain a student status in New Zealand. International students granted a student visa abroad in New Zealand are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during term time, and even full time during vacations..

Why Study in NEW ZEALAND

  • To receive a high standard of education and internationally recognised qualifications
  • To enjoy excellent facilities and study support as an international student.
  • English is the everyday language of New Zealanders
  • The institutions in New Zealand offer a stimulating academic environment. They are diverse in size and location, and offer as many general and specialist programs as anywhere in the world
  • New Zealand has a temperate climate, which allows an enormous range of recreational activities such as swimming, golf, rugby, sailing, bushwalking, tennis and water and snow skiing, all in close proximity to the educational institutions
  • New Zealanders are well known for their warm hospitality to overseas visitors. International students are welcomed onto our campuses, and appreciated for the enrichment they offer both academically and culturally.


New Zealanders are a friendly, welcoming sort who love travel and enjoy meeting people from other cultures. They are famous for their warm hospitality to overseas visitors as they themselves come from many ethnic backgrounds. The dominant cultural groups are the Pakeha (European), the Maori and other smaller groups including Yugoslavian Dalmatians, Polynesians, Indians and Chinese. The secular aside, Christianity is the most common religion, with Anglicanism, Presbyterianism and Catholicism the largest denominations.

While an English-speaking country, New Zealand's strong Maori heritage has recently flourished, and their language, for so long on the decline, is now making a comeback. A flowing, poetic language, Maori is surprisingly easy to pronounce if spoken phonetically with each word split into separate syllables.

The wide-open spaces and national parks have influenced New Zealanders' love of outdoor activities. Tramping (hiking), camping, sailing and skiing are all popular activities, as are rugby and cricket. There are hundreds of beaches, ideal for swimming and diving - many of them within walking distance of student campuses.

Education System

New Zealand, a world leader in social and economic reforms and an active participant in the international academic and educational arena, has much to offer overseas students. There are seven national universities offering degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. All of New Zealand's universities are governed by the Vice-Chancellors' Committee, a central coordinating body.

University education in New Zealand is closer to the British than the American system, therefore you will find bachelor degrees to be three years long and the education more focused rather than "liberal". The academic year extends from late February or early March to November with a long summer vacation from mid-November to mid-February.

In each subject the student is required to attend a given number of lectures, tutorials and/or laboratory periods per week. These are supplemented by personal reading and research. The student is expected to develop independent study skills with a minimum of professional supervision. Grades given in tests, assignments and practical work count toward the final grade for a course.

After Graduation

Once you have graduated, what do you do? International graduates from the New Zealand have a variety of options from looking for work, to continuing their education in a graduate program, to returning back to their home country with their new skills and knowledge..

Courses Like

Mangement, Accounting , Architect, Engineering, Computing, Professional Nursing and many more .

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