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Hundreds of thousands of international students study in the UK each year, making studying in the UK the number two choice for international students in the world, second only to the USA. For students worldwide that would like an English-language education, what better place to study than the country that invented the language?

With an excellent higher-education system and hundreds of world-class universities, the UK promises a rich experience for international students. Our Study UK resource is intended to help you learn more about studying in the UK as an international student, and includes sections on choosing the UK as a destination, choosing a location within the UK, learning more about the country, its history and culture, and adapting to life in your adopted country.

We hope you find the information in our Study UK section useful. We also have more interactive resources that you should check out, including the Study in the UK Message Board and Forums to ask questions and interact with other international students in the UK, and our new Study in the UK blog, featuring an Australian student studying in the UK. As always, please email us with any ideas for improvement to our Study UK resources.

Why Study in UK

The UK is one of the most popular destinations in the world to study abroad, but why is it so popular - learn more about what the UK has to offer international students.

Living in UK

What is it like to live in the UK? What is the climate like? What is the public transport system like? All these questions about the UK are answered and more, with a focus on the information that international students need most.

Education System

Recognized around the world as a world class system, the UK's education system is comprehensive and adaptable. This section also has vital information on how to enter programs in the UK such as GCSE, A-Levels and degree programs.

After Graduation

Once you have graduated, what do you do? International graduates from the UK have a variety of options from looking for work, to continuing their education in a graduate program, to returning back to their home country with their new skills and knowledge..

Courses Like

Mangement, Accounting , Architect, Engineering, Computing Professional, Nursing and many more .

Featured University / Colleges UK
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